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Managed Service Providers are into providing IT services on a contract basis. Managed Services is relatively a new business model which takes a strategic approach to IT management. This type of business model includes contract and services that are agreed by both the parties and this will vary from client to client. The service agreement between MSP and the client covers specific areas and tasks with some key performance indicators included in the agreement.

Managed Services has been a fruitful model as it provides more stability for clients on an ongoing basis and is less expensive in the long run. MSPs is more widely used these days as companies are moving to cloud and digitising their operations. With MSPs, you can manage your cloud servers, patch management, security and compliance updates.

Infraguard’s client wanted to enhance their Managed Services Automation. The client is involved in executing a variety of cloud migration projects and with the creative and innovative solutions came the sets of actions that were repeated across. So, the solution to this is one single server management that was easy to learn and can be worked across different providers and Operating Systems with customizable features.

Infraguard was able to replace multiple software as well as repeated manual processes were removed, which stands as a hurdle in scalability. The client created a group organization unit within Infraguard. This enabled them to create multiple, fully-segregated client accounts. This also sorted the employee assignment to one or multiple client accounts. With successful set up of the structure, roles and policies for each personnel was defined and enforced. Once it is set up, Patch Management is performed.

Infraguard has a built-in workflow for Managed Service Providers. All the commonly used scripts are stored at central repository. These scripts are essential for managing the simple commands as well as complicated actions that required entries at run time. Lastly, use of Infraguard Open API and connect with third party technology providers. This is basically integration with client’s ticketing system, shift management and other similar workflow. All these processes ensured efficient and seamless operations.

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