Why Partner with Infraguard?

Australia’s leading Cloud Management & Governance Solution integrates with Infraguard to enhance server management operations.


Kumolus provides full-stack Enterprise Cloud Management including visualization, provisioning, workflow automation and cost management. The solution provides Real, measurable and policy-driven outcomes for IT, Security, Finance and Operations teams.

The complimentary counterpart to their software needed to be a solution that could perform the same management, execution and automation at the server layer. Infraguard stepped in to fill that role. Kumolus had already worked with Infraguard in creating a white paper on the Well-Architected Framework in coordination with the AWS team in 2019 so they were well aware of the opportunities for synergy.

About Kumolus:

Kumolus is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with Cloud Management Tools Competency, SaaS partner as well as AWS Marketplace listing. Their enterprise cloud management platform provides Cloud Visualisation and Provisioning, Cost Management and Optimization, Compliance and Security and Event Scheduling and Workflow Automation.

The Challenge:

The comprehensive Cloud Management & optimization feature suite could benefit tremendously from a similar set of features on the Server layer. However, integrating with a separate provider would mean duplication of dashboards, onboarding & support issues, policy conflicts and customer approvals. In such a case, they wanted a solution that could be internally integrated via custom APIs so that it delivered the solution within the Kumolus workflow.

The Solution:

Infraguard provides a full feature set of Open APIs. Further customizations were made to specifically serve the Patch Management use case.

5 Kumolus infographic 02

In conjunction, Kumolus had a sophisticated event scheduler and opt-out workflows in their platform. The two teams coordinated in a joint-development effort to combine the best of what both platforms had to provide. Kumolus now offers a single-click Add-On for customers to do automated patch management. Customers will have fine-grained options to create backups, run post-install scripts, create patch exclusion lists, integrate with ticketing systems to manage patch approvals and further enhancements to keep their systems secure and updated.


Integrating with Infraguard API means complete front-end flexibility to devise customer workflows. Clients will be able to seamlessly take advantage of sophisticated patch management without leaving the Kumolus dashboard. The patch management operations will be similar on both Windows and UNIX Operating Systems meaning that cost of training will be negligible and one-time on Kumolus side and consistent on the Client’s side.

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