Why Partner with Infraguard?

How Axcess enhanced their Managed Services Automation Capability with Infraguard.


Axcess helps customers harness the power of cloud though their expertise in managing cloud through advanced automation. As a fast-growing company, Axcess, in a relatively short period of time, has quickly become a niche consulting firm specializing in Cloud Advisory, Cloud Managed Services, and DevOps Automation. With this growth, Axcess partnered with Infraguard to streamline and automate their Server Management Operations. Infraguard was able to scale up their Managed Services and its security. The compliances and security patches were enforced and operations were performed smoothly and efficiently.

About Axcess:

Axcess started in 2014 with a belief that optimization of resources is the most important factor for businesses to grow and prosper and the Cloud is one of the ways to achieve it. They have expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and OpenStack cloud. Axcess has also been recognized as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS DevOps Competency Partner by AWS.

The Challenge:

With a worldwide client base, Axcess was executing a variety of sophisticated cloud migration projects. Each case was unique and the skilled team at Axcess would create innovative solutions to match client expectations. Once the projects were completed, they wanted to quickly start on the server management side of the operations. Even with unique development/migration projects, the Managed Services processes were largely similar and often with matching sets of actions repeated across multiple clients. In such a scenario, they were looking for a common server management solution that was easy to train on, that worked across different providers and Operating Systems and that had the potential to customise.

The Solution:

Infraguard was the perfect fit for this use case – a single tool that is able to replace multiple software as well as the bulk of manual processes that often prove hindrance in scalability. Axcess created a group organization unit within Infraguard. This abstraction allowed them to create multiple, fully-segregated client accounts. With easy user management features, they could create their employee roles and assign them to one or multiple client accounts. Furthermore, within client accounts also they could group servers (across providers) into Projects for easy bulk action and automation settings.

Once the structure was set up in the guided onboarding process, roles and policies for each personnel were clearly defined and enforced. The administrators had the most privileges while the readers had the fewest – Specific roles such as a Patch Operator had privileges associated with performing only Patch Management.

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The second part of the solution came with Infraguard’s built in workflows for Managed Services Providers. Commonly used scripts were stored at a central location in script inventory. These scripts were extensible from simple commands as well as complicated actions that required entries at run time. While these scripts could be run on individual machines, the power came when employing them in the following two scenarios:

  • Putting them into scheduled automations. Event policies were created that would run at a specific time. They were then attached to a group of servers. This ensured running on auto-pilot without manual intervention.
  • Grouping servers based on use case and running bulk scripts. The simple use case was that if the client had 20 EC2 instances running a program and all 20 needed script execution, Axcess did not need to individually log in to each machine – they could simply run the script on all machines from one action.

Finally, the third part of solution was to use Infraguard Open API and connect with 3rd party technology providers. This meant integration with client’s Ticketing Systems, Shift Management Providers and any other similar workflow solutions. This made the operations seamless and efficient.


Working in complete synergy with Infraguard, Axcess continues to expand and scale up its Managed Services. Internal security is monitored and enforced, and operations are performed efficiently. Furthermore, one single team can manage any cloud provider without the need to impart custom training.

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