Banking and Financial Services

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Together we will manage your servers, security and compliance

Banking and Financial services are no strangers to cybersecurity threats and attacks. The sector is most favourite to hackers due to its literal and figurative wealth of information, with valuable data ranging from employee login credentials to tax filing details to credit card and debit card details to personal details such as addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and government ID details.

Banks are often targeted hard irrespective of their market size. Even smaller financial (FinServ) businesses are not spared from cyber attacks and can suffer devastating consequences. Almost, every year financial companies suffer losses due to data breach.

All the above points bring out the challenging picture of financial services and these can be well managed by Infraguard’s Patch Management and Access Management. All banking software requires common set of actions such as Patch/Update Management, Backup Management, Access and Log Management.

Infraguard created the centralised patch policies for the client by building Center of Excellence (CoE) that were divided into regular scans and patch install actions. At specified schedules, the client servers were scanned for pending updates and reports were added to the ticketing system. After client’s approval on set of patches, policies were installed. Then Patch Updates happens at designated time and reports were again sent to the ticketing system. All these activities can be monitored and tracked by the Patch Maintenance team during its progress.

Backup policies were also created for the clients for both pre- and post-installation of patches. Log and Access Management is another area of concern for financial sectors. It is very critical for the financial industry for the access to be regulated and monitored on daily basis. Every action taken from Infraguard is logged for review. These types of loggings are done on both user as well as server level. With all the above-mentioned activities, security and compliance of our Banking client was managed and data breach was avoided.

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