We Help You Simplify Your Server Operations

Infraguard was founded with a vision to provide solution to end-to-end cloud and server management for your business and one can leave behind the age-old traditional way of migrating and managing public cloud ecosystem and can have a successful move towards one future cloud management through our platform. This is applicable and can easily be achieved for all types of business irrespective of their market size.

In this highly changing techno world, Infraguard comes as saviour to manage and maintain portfolios on cloud and server for your growing businesses. Our platform enables to deploy, manage, monitor and control all applications across public clouds ensuring businesses can have agile, scalable and cost-effective services.

In other words, InfraGuard helps you simplify your server operations. One can manage all their servers on our InfraGuard platform without worrying about the cloud server you are using. With InfraGuard, your business can have Multi-Cloud Management, Unified Server Management, Control Centre for Servers and Managed Services Automation. All technical complexities will be a matter of past.




Let us brief you about each functionality that InfraGuard works upon.

Multi-Cloud Management

Infraguard provides a secure platform with set of tools and procedures to manage, monitor and secure applications and workloads on multiple clouds with multi-cloud, users achieve agility and match each part of their business to specific set up and execution terms.

Unified Server Management

A single architecture server that includes all common functions that are installed and accessed for the data management products Business will have centralized cloud-based server, data management, MIS, easy maintenance, common user interface, cost effective.

Control Centre for Servers

A control centre server is a service that communicates with network computers, returning status and relaying instructions to the control centre application. Benefits like reduced hardware and operating costs, unified administrative tasks, centralised management.

Managed Services Automation

Infraguard will streamline and expedite your IT tasks through automated processes. A business can have benefits like process optimization, improved service quality, asset and incident management, unified tasks, saves time and reduces operational costs.

Our Team

Meet our team of professionals


Successful Innovator and entrepreneur with 29 years of experience in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance and management in sectors such as SaaS, Server and Cloud Management, Education, Marketing. A visionary product developer with deep education in research and analytics.


Innovative and performance driven entrepreneur with deep passion for technology and business. As a founder and investor of Infraguard, she is managing all aspects of finance and compliances for Infraguard. With excellent leadership skills, she is handling budget allocation, utilization matrix, and other critical business decisions.

AMIT KUMAR Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

A successful and serial entrepreneur, who has pivoted in the Cloud and DevOps solutions for last 17+ years. He helped in building and shaping teams and solutions from ground level for various enterprises. As a Co-Founder and Head of Marketing of Infraguard, he manages the overall marketing strategies and decisions for Infraguard.

John Du Bois Co-Founder & Advisor

A Global-minded senior executive leader in High Technology companies; directing and building businesses for global companies. A Passionate leader who believes in helping companies and people develop and grow. Experienced in P/L and high impact revenue driving leadership positions, including restructures, capital raising and investment.


An accomplished entrepreneur with a demonstrated and vast work experience in IT and services industry. With expertise in Python, SQL, Web Applications, Business Development and Agile Methodologies. Dedicatedly focusing on challenges and solutions for server, compliance and automation management in various sectors for last 14 years.

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