Infraguard makes cloud and server management a breeze and provides freedom from all technical complexities. 

Our Features

With Infraguard, you can scale and build powerful Managed Service operations with enhanced cloud security

With evolving technology, businesses face the challenges of managing multiple servers and hybrid infrastructure, which involve repetitive tasks. Infraguard brings in central automation that can manage servers and VMs without any manual intervention. From Access to Security, you get it all in one dashboard.

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1. Patch Management

Scanning & Installing Patches across a large infrastructure rapidly becomes a pain point. No wonder so many enterprises leave their servers unpatched and open to security threats! InfraGuard gives On-Demand and Automated Patching Actions, fully customizable to your requirement.

2. Access Management

The strongest locks will fail if the keys are lying around! Your servers need perfect Key Management, Central Policies, Auto-Rotation, Just-in-Time Access and much more. All are available in InfraGuard at a button click!

3. SOP Automation

Manual repetitive tasks are not only time-consuming, but they are also error-prone. With an Open API, in-built script repository and unlimited customization, InfraGuard provides supercharged process automation.

4. CMDB on AWS

Are you aware of the changes happening in your environment? When was the last time you could audit all of them from a single place? Watch your Asset Inventory and set alerts on critical changes with our CMDB Solution.

5. WAF

Well Architected Framework is building secure, high-performing, flexible and efficient infrastructure for different applications and workloads. It basically describes key concepts; design principles and best architectural practices.

    Why Unified Cloud Server management is a game changer?

    A small team can manage AWS, Azure, GCP and On-Prem servers from a single dashboard with automated Access, Patching and Execution Actions. Scalability is unlimited with future-ready security!


    Bottleneck in Cloud and Server Management

    The threats, complexities and challenges of large-scale hybrid server management are insurmountable with current solutions.

    Lack of Patch Management

    Traditional patch management is an effort-intensive, time-consuming task that is prone to failure. Despite enterprises knowing the security threats, the patches are not installed on time. Current solutions are simply too complex!

    No Central Governance

    Most large infrastructures are being managed with ad-hoc actions, from access to execution. Any governance policies, if created, are only on paper.

    Manual SOPs

    How often do we see even critical business processes put at risk due to manual processes? Add in multiple teams, environments, and business objectives, and you get a recipe for disaster. Enterprises are putting their cloud environments at risk when relying on manual SOPs.

    Access Threats

    Compromised or stolen access credentials are one of the biggest threat vectors, yet companies still share their SSH keys, have live keys lying around, and have no audit mechanism in place. Without enforced compliance, this can lead to a huge cyberattack.

    Skill Gap

    AWS, GCP or Azure - each console needs a specially trained team. And you have to continuously upskill them as the technology evolves. This costly, time consuming and vulnerable to market conditions.

    Scalability Issues for Hybrid Workloads

    If your systems are manual-intensive, you will always be faced with the challenges of scalability. For every new workload, you have to increase the manpower. This rapidly becomes unsustainable!

    So, ready to make your cloud servers Safe and Secure with Infraguard?

    Infraguard helps you modernize your systems and servers, so your system is safe and secured with the latest solutions to compete in this competitive economy.



    InfraGuard’s Automated Patch Management brings to you the power of On-Demand and On-Schedule Patching from a super-customisable dashboard. 

    The Patching Centre of Excellence is Cloud & Operating System Agnostic. This means that central governance policies, once created, can be applied uniformly across any workload.

    Patching Centre of Excellence

    A simple 3-Step process ensures that your servers always stay updated and secure.

    Define: The optimum Patching Schedules, Rules, Associated Actions and Stakeholders are defined for each workload. This takes into account the criticality and environments of server groups. 

    Enforce: The policies created above are attached to server groups across providers, regions and OS. The maintenance window times are approved and enforced. 

    Manage: With a live dashboard, easy-to-read reports and forever-logs, your team manages these policies, scopes out improvements and goes back to Step 1, for a complete feedback loop.

    On- Schedule Patching

    Infraguard allows you to implement patches as per policies on a scheduled time. If you want to perform a one-time scan or install to fix an issue, you can use the Infraguard dashboard.

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    On- Demand Patching

    Do you want to install critical patches (alerted by the InfraGuard dashboard) immediately? Or do you want to select a group of servers and scan them for updates?

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    API Integrations

    InfraGuard’s open API allows
    you to create custom
    workflows by integrating ticketing, monitoring
    and alerting systems.  

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    Built ground-up keeping in mind the need of large enterprises and multi-client service providers, Infraguard’s Access Management is an all in one solution to create, enforce and audit your access policies. 

    From SSO to granular roles, everything you need for a secure infrastructure is in-built into our dashboard.

    Access Centre of Excellence

    The 3-Step process to manage, secure and audit your infrastructure.

    Define: Not all employees need the same privileges, so why are you still sharing all-access SSH keys? Infraguard has readymade roles such as Admin, Editor, and Patch Operator with just the right set of permissions. This is also the phase to define the rules for auto-expiring keys, Just-In-Time access and key-rotation policies.

    Enforce: Attach your key-rotation policies with server groups and enforce a schedule based on the above phase. This will ensure that no live key is lying around. Also, implement the requesters and approvers for any ad-hoc key creation.

    Manage: Audit the age of keys, last actions and MFA implementation from a single dashboard. Implement changes to keep improving your server security.

    Ticket & Time-Based Access

    Secure restricted servers by ensuring Access are only obtained through keys that are tied to work tickets, and have a short lifetime with auto-expiry. Never have an unneeded access key lying around!

    Auto-Key Rotations

    Create policies that will manage and rotate your access keys in a scheduled manner as per central compliance policy and can share the new access keys to the users.

    Embedded SSH Terminal

    You can connect to the SSH Terminal of servers within the Infraguard dashboard and access them. SSH Terminal will be secure and compliant as per central compliance policy.



    SOP Automation helps with centralized repository of all SOPs, which are managed and automated based on set of policy or rules. With this in place, one can access the active workflow with an ease. Standardizing processes and integrating them into daily workflow will create a safer workplace and help in avoiding fines and penalties by staying in compliance with required standards and regulations. Infraguard make it easy to provide evidence of compliance by producing records of how team members follow policies and procedures.

    Manage different servers with Automation

    Infraguard can manage your different servers with just a click. With policies, you can manage and automate your multiple servers.

    Manage repeatable tasks

    Common/repeatable tasks such as Cache clear, logs clear that are done daily for APACHE, TOMCAT, MySQL can be managed through SOP Automation from Infraguard Dashboard.

    Manage Multiple Clients with Automation

    With Infraguard’s client-specific flows, you can create custom processes and automation for each client while keeping the policies separate and manageable


    What Clients Say About Infraguard

    Infraguard allows us to comply better with ISO certification requirements and cloud platform provide best practices by giving us greater control over compliance and process automation. It helped in brand trust.

    Andy Waroma CEO, Cloud Comrade

    Operating in the Financial Industry, security is paramount to us. Our software installations needed to remain updated while retaining our internal and external security policies. Infraguard’s Patch Management is the solution.

    Anand Founder, Kuliza

    Infraguard allows us to scale faster with new clients. Their single-view, multi-functional dashboard is easy to train on and ensures proper Role Based server access while deploying enhanced automation for all processes.

    Prakash Kumar CEO,

    Operating in the rapidly growing education industry, technology is the backbone. With Infraguard, we were able to simplify our server management and automation and policy-based accesses were implemented.

    Vineet Gupta COO, THE GATE ACADEMY

    Our Global Cloud Cost Optimisation, Compliance, Security and Governance clients often had server-specific actions that could be automated. Integrating with InfraGuard API meant access from the single dashboard.

    Michael Salleo Co-Founder & CTO, Kumolus

    We relied on Infraguard’s patch management and access management to ensure compliance and process automations for our Managed Services. Infraguard’s solution saved our time and costing in addressing issue.

    Iannis Hanen CEO, iScale Solutions
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